i’m not falling asleep

When will I ever be safe from myself
If the danger all lies between heaven and hell?
When I close my eyes, I’m not falling asleep
I am opening drawers, I am sifting through papers

Please stay a while, I’m not falling asleep
I’m not falling asleep, I’m not falling asleep

I’m Not Falling Asleep by Andy Shauf

the man on stage

I am the man on stage slurring your favourite songs.
Making up a few of the words as I go along.
Taking the edge off of me
Is a necessity when I’m singing these words that I no longer mean.

I am not a poet, I’m a broken heart
And though you didn’t dispute it, I don’t really play the part.
I am not dishonest, I’m a lost detail
Leaving out the good words to hide my trail.

The Man on Stage by Andy Shauf